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Ah, where was I before all hell broke loose, which is another way of saying before I started teaching this past fall? The double whammy of teaching my alternative LIS careers course for the University of Denver and then the holidays means that it’s been an embarrassingly long time since I last posted.

Perfect timing for a New Year’s resolution to be a more diligent blogger, yes? Maybe, maybe not.

In thinking about New Year’s resolutions, I realized that rather than focus on getting exceedingly good at doing things I already know how to do, I’d rather focus my energies on trying to create new opportunities and ideas and solutions.

This approach was reconfirmed for me recently by friend and colleague Scott Brown, who was a guest speaker for my class. When asked what advice he had for those about to embark on their LIS careers, he mentioned many wise points, but then in conclusion suggested that students just “say yes” to opportunity.

Basically, don’t worry about being perfect, or perfectly prepared – just take a deep breath and make the leap when you’re presented with (or have created) an opportunity to contribute at a new level.

So although I’d love to say 2011 is the year I’m going to consistently post a weekly piece, I know better. It’s just way too likely that, if it’s a great year, I’ll get distracted by a cool new project, or a friend who needs some brainstorming time, or a new teaching opportunity, or an idea for a new book I could write or service I could offer.

But from my perspective, that’s what makes being an information professional so terrific – the opportunities, though often unforeseen and unanticipated as we plan the coming year, are also unlimited and exciting.

So here’s to a coming year for all of us that is filled with unlimited and exciting professional opportunity. Or, barring that, job security and even possibly a raise! (Oh, and regular blog posts….)