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LinkedIn LIS Career Options Discussion List

This alphabetical list of all of the discussions on the LinkedIn LIS Career Options Group will be updated at least once a week, and my goal is to eventually annotate each discussion entry – but for now, this will at least provide top-level access to the nearly 575 discussions in the group.

If you’re not yet a member of the group but would like to be, simply go to the LinkedIn ALA Group page and sign up to be a member of their group (you don’t need to be a member of ALA to do this, but sometimes it does take a couple of days before they have a chance to approve your application). Once you’ve been approved by ALA, go to the LinkedIn ALA Group page, click on the “More” tab, and then Subgroups. This will bring up the LIS Career Options subgroup, and you can just join from there (no need for approvals).


Academic job search tool
Achieve greater mobility by learning and evolving
Acquisitions skills: how to translate into non-library job opportunities
Adaptive re-use and libraries
Advantage to being a librarian who is fluent in another language?
Advice about working with a temp agency
Advice for class choices in archive specialization
Advice for finding or creating teaching opportunities in LIS programs
Advice on getting an interview/hired into a librarian position
Affirmative action forms – are they really voluntary
ALA and the job market
ALA Joblist website – webcasts on job-searching and career development
Alternative (to librarian or library) search terms to use on job boards to locate positions that a special librarian/information specialist might be well qualified for?
Alternative career paths…where did you go
Alternative career paths within medical librarianship
Alternative Paradigms of Access (LISNews)
Alumni groups – what benefits
Any catalogers willing to be interviewed
Any curriculum designed on new technology in library orientation
Any indexers in the group
Any working archivists out there
Anyone besides me embarrassed at having to ask same people for job references
Anyone pursuing/considering career in data governance
Apocalyptic job prospects
Applying for more than one job at the same employer
Applying for out-of-town positions that require an in-state driver’s license
Applying the Principles of UX Design to Interview Preparation
Appropriate to ask interviewer what types of questions will be asked?
Are you an embedded information professional
Asking about other applicants during interviews
At Least 60% of All Jobs are Found by Networking
Avoiding Burnout: 7 Ideas for Happier Workdays


Background as salesperson, interested in finding out about jobs that would combine this with MLIS
Be honest, stay positive, keep it short (why did you leave your last job?)
Becoming certified in records management: recommended programs?
Being open to all options
Benefits and/or consequences of the job application follow-up
Best LIS classes for genealogists
Best management and/or leadership books (or other resources)
Best 140-Character Resumes on Twitter
Best resources (and tips) on networking for introverts
Best tips for using LinkedIn for career advancement and placement
Best Way to Network with Alumni on LinkedIn
Best ways to use the LIS Career Options group for career advancement
Beyond the Job Ad: Employers and Library Instruction
Biases in the different LIS fields
Big Jobs Myth: American Workers Not Ready for American Jobs
Blind resumes/cover letters
Blogging and networking – secret to successful career transition
Blogging tips and how to reach out to viewers
Blogging: getting started, what software to use, what to write about, what not to write about, and what else you should know
Book business, The
Brainstorms for the despondent
Bridging gap between graduation and landing first job
Building a digital library for a business setting – resource recommendations?
Building Your Career Options While You’re in Grad School
Bullying in the workplace
Business Model You (book)


Call for Authors – Chapter Proposals
Call for contributions: website
Call for proposals: Library 2.011 WorldWide Virtual Conference, Nov. 2-3, 2011
Call for writers for ALA-APA
Can librarians be capitalists
Can Pinterest Help Your Job Search
Career options for librarian/mathematician
Career options for someone with a master’s in history and an MLIS
Career options in health science librarianship
Career/professional development topics of interest for webinars
Career profile: Amelia Kassel, researcher, teacher, and career mentor
Career profile: Daniel Isaacs: Development researcher
Career profile: Nicole Fonsh, research analyst for Boston-based investment firm
Career profile: Sara Mooney, technical documentalist, Cirque du Soleil
Career profile: Stephen Abrams, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Markets, Cengage Learning
Career Rocketeer – job search & career network LinkedIn group
Careers in Federal Libraries Facebook page – find new job opportunities
Careers in Federal Libraries LinkedIn group
Careers in Federal Libraries (public webinar)
The Case of the Rolling Stone (that Gathers No Moss) Resume
Catalogers who work for vendors
Change is in the Air: 7 LinkedIn Tips for Career Changers
Cheating on the Phone Interview: It’s OK
Children’s librarian job: advice on types of positions to look for
Civil service protocols
College ROI
Common Misconceptions about Library Job Search: What I Have Learned
Computer science MLIS career options
Congratulations to Deb Hunt, new SLA President
Constructing a universal library has little to do with technology
Consultant vs contractor
Contacting members of the LIS Career Options group
Contemplating starting (restarting?) a blog, but have writer’s blog
Convince someone that you can help solve his/her problem
Copyright, permission and fair use
Core strategies psychologists recommend for positive psychology
Cover letter and general job search questions
Cover letter question
Cover letters – any way to submit with online applications
Creating and maintaining a professional presence online
Creating your own branding
Critical skills to succeed in this field, for new entrants and practitioners
Critical to know why you’re working with a career coach, often called an executive coach
Curation Nation: new LIS career path?
Current MLIS student looking for a library job to survive the economy and finish the program; any advice?
Currently considering an LIS PhD program or completed one? What reasons for your decisions
C.V. or resume for academic librarian positions


Data scientist – another option?
Data scientist role
Deal with that gap on your resume….
Dealing with long term unemployment – some top tips
Dealing with resume tracking systems
Deciding on graduate schools
Deciphering academic library job postings
Defending the decision to get an MLIS
Difference among Research Support Librarian, Executive Librarian, Senior Librarian, Library Assistant jobs
Digital archivists: technological custodians of human history
Digital asset managers – anyone in this role? MLIS schools offering DAM coursework?
Digitization 101: Is Now the Time for Librarians
Director interview “leave behinds”
Discard what you think you need to know/learn what you need to learn
Discerning the culture
Distinguish Yourself from the Market, Not Just Other Applicants
Diversity considerations for user experience (UX) design
Do “direct contact” or “targeted” mailings work in the academic market? How about informational interviews
Do librarians lose touch with books
Do we need the MLIS?
Do you apply for positions you are not 100% qualified for
Do you need your own website while on the job market?
Does age discrimination exist in librarian hiring (or promotion)
Does anyone have an advanced certificate from a library school
Does honor society membership mean anything on a resume?
Does it matter what free work at the library is called
Does the hidden job market still exist; how find these jobs
Does the selling of books (e or other) change the library’s mission
Does volunteer library work count as “experience” when applying for a job
Doing an internship post-MLIS
Don’t fear change – embrace it
Don’t Get Distracted [by the holidays]
Don’t have year’s worth of experience yet, will this hurt my chances of landing a job
Don’t Let Your Job Search Depress You
Don’t steal this cover letter or even parts of it
Dressing for success: make-up


Ego tripping at the gates of the library job hunt
Eight Job-Interview Wins
Eight Qualities of Remarkable Employees
Eight things you do wrong on LinkedIn
Eight tips to help you negotiate for perks in lieu of a higher salary
The ‘80% of All Jobs Are Hidden’ Myth
Elevator pitch / professional introduction
Elevator Speech: Why You Need a Better Elevator Pitch
Embedded librarianship – how do you find these jobs?
Embedded/corporate librarians working in sports, resorts or athletic industries
E-mail screening as part of a hiring process: advice?
Employers: what career advice would you share with students? Students: what would you like to read about?
Employment gaps coincide with having children – how address
“Energetic” job candidates – anyone else notice this in announcements?
Entitlement can derail job search
Entrepreneurship is the new women’s movement (Forbes)
e-Portfolio advice needed
Especially relevant after SLA2011-Future Ready
Etiquette about following up for jobs
Ever lost a job because you used a Mac instead of a PC
EXCELLENT advice for librarian job seekers
Executive information services
Expanding sci-tech librarianship beyond core duties – alternative job titles and responsibilities
Experience using document assembly software
Explaining to interviewer how library school experience translates into professional library experience


Failing to adhere to best practices of research and detail when writing a cover letter and resume
Federal librarianship as a potential career
Federal library jobs
Federal library workers
Feedback not likely from interviewer
Feedback on resume/CV
Finding Jobs Outside the Library, Advice?
First public library interview, currently school media coordinator – questions to ask
5 Reasons Non-Job Seekers Should Be On LinkedIn
5 reasons why traditional employment is in trouble
5 recent changes to the PubMed interface
5 tips for getting a government job
Five tips for overcoming writer’s block
5 tips to take charge of your career
Five Useful New Tools for Twitter’s Power Users
Focus on a Problem, Not Your Passion
Following up on job applications
Following up with online applications
For people considering pursuing a PhD
For those of you contemplating writing a book
Forget Networking – How to Be a Connector
Four Ways Women Stunt Their Careers Unintentionally
Free LIS career webcasts – SJSU
Free online webinar hosting
Freelance research specialists
Freelance work with MLIS skills
Freelancing: who’s done what type of freelancing using their LIS skills
From student to professional
Frustration – what frustrates you most when you’re being interviewed
Functional vs chronological resume for switching from traditional to nontraditional library career
Future of Librarians – Steven Bell


Get ready for the coming employment roller coaster
Getting “up to speed” in a new topic area quickly – recommended process or types of resources used
Give a little, get a lot – volunteering in job search
Good mentor is priceless
Google Gap: College Kids Aren’t Good at Studying
Google Reader to Retire in July 2013
Got MLIS without media specialist track, now want to be a media specialist; options?
Graduating at the end of summer, interested in academic libraries and subject librarianship….
Grant funding for mobile apps in public libraries?
Great book about personal and professional development: “Art of Possibility”
Great LIS career resource: Career Q&A with the Library People
Great reminder of all the features LI offers job seekers
Great reminder that intrinsic motivators can go a long way
Group Seeks FCC Funding for Internet Access in Schools, Libraries
Guerrilla Marketing for a Job at Google
Guidance on how to handle a past employer on my resume that has had name changes since I worked there


Hack Library School blog
Has anyone else been in a rescinded downsizing
Has anyone else discovered “Find a Job Through Social Networking”
Has anyone worked for LSSI
Hate Small Talk? 5 Questions to Help You Work Any Room
Have a “nontraditional” job? If so, what is your field and how did you get started?
Have you had a library interview lately
Have you taken an interim library director position?
Having a positive mental attitude makes a difference (interviewing)
Having a “slasher” career (multiple types of work)
Health benefits for independent consultants
Help, I work for a crazy person
Helpful blog: resources for making yourself more marketable while in library school, job-hunting, etc.
HigherEdJobs – How Recruiters Work and Why
High-level library science positions without going into management
Highs and lows of school librarianship
Hiring process at your workplace?
“Hiring Librarians” poll results – do hiring managers agree or disagree
Home library collection development
Hopping jobs
How – and Why – to Write a Personal BrandPrint
How do I choose between MLIS programs
How do individuals get those really cool jobs
How do you stay informed
How do you use meet-ups and other career events
How employers are using social media to find the best person for the job
How find MLIS programs
How hard is it to get a librarian position out of the state I currently live in
How important is second language proficiency when applying for public library position
How manage people sleeping in the library during study
How many thank-you e-mails land the job
How many use metrics on resume to quantify experience
How much data is generated every minute
How other libraries manage paging
How soon before graduation (with MLIS) should I start job searching
How the CIA Uses Social Media to Track How People Feel
How to answer the dreaded “salary question”
How to be a bottom-up thinker
How to be visible on LinkedIn
How to break out of the library field and feel good about it
How to contact authors of scientific articles and patents
How to gain experience for a librarian position
How to get started as an independent information professional
How to give a great webinar – and what to avoid
How to Handle a Gap in Your Job History
How to handle illegal or unethical questions in a job interview
How to network in a faraway city where you do not know anyone
How to Recover from 5 Embarrassing Career Setbacks
How to Set Better Boundaries at Work
How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths
How to Tweet Your Way to a New Job
How to use LinkedIn to promote that one is looking for a job
How to Write a Cover Letter that Employers Will Actually Read


I love my volunteering
I really just want to be Leslie Knope when I grow up….
ICT for librarians/museums and information agencies – definition of ICT
Identifying transferable skills in transitioning from academic to school librarianship
If interviewed for academic position, send thank you notes to everyone on review committee?
If You Don’t Design Your Career, Someone Else Will
If you’re interested in a career in federal libraries
In addition to traditional cataloging jobs, what other work/careers can you pursue with a cataloging skill set
In case you thought it was just you (worst things about job-hunting)
In Networking, Don’t Drop the Ball after You Land
In time of library (and general) budget and job cuts, how do you decide which conference to go to, whether to go?
INALJ: I Need a Library Job is searching for jobs pages to make my web resource closer to comprehensive
Including consulting/freelance work in your resume
Including relevant words in your resume
Industry report of info-entrepreneurs
Info/recommendations for telecommuting
Info-entrepreneur survey results out
Info professionals are always employed (FutureReady post)
Information architecture and other tech-related careers
Information entrepreneurship – resources, ideas, questions….
Information science as sought-after skill
Informational interviews: what should one’s objective be and what points should be made when no positions are available
Information interviews at coffee shops – who pays for the coffee
“Informationist” definition
InMaps as a way to discover strengths and weaknesses of your professional network
Inside the Recruiter’s Head
Interest in Chicago job networking group
The international experience: finding a job
International job opportunities
Internships: libraries, archives, and preservation internships at the Smithsonian Institution
Internships hurting my chances?
Interview advice
Interview advice for a children’s librarian position at a public library
Interview advice for newbies and vets, too
Interview do’s and don’ts – Interview garb, what needs to be covered
Interview questions: what to expect, how to prepare
Interviews, behavioral: “Tell me about a time when you…”
An Introvert’s Guide to Networking
Introverts and public speaking
Is “energetic” a euphemism for “under 40” in job postings
Is ALA the only legit, one-stop site for jobs in librarian support
Is an MLIS still relevant
Is library administration an option in 10 years for you? If not, why?
Is there a way to do an advanced search in a LinkedIn connection’s list of connections
It’s Never Too Late to Make a Bad Impression (cover letters)


Job ads are wish lists; don’t be deterred if you’re not a perfect match
Job boards/discussion groups for theater librarians
Job descriptions and the “experience-needed” syndrome
Job interview secret no one’s telling you
Job interview that is longer than three hours…any advice?
Job Market is in a Transition Stage
Job prospect in case of immigration
Job requirements – specifically when a posting says an MLIS is required; is it really….
Job search interview questions
Job search terms for cataloging specialty
Job Seekers: The Power of Networking
Jobs: hiring process increasingly automated by companies
Jobs for librarians that aren’t really looking for librarians
Jobseekers #1 gift: a job in the new year
Just been offered a job opportunity, I’d like some advice


Keeping Up with Conferences Via Apps
Kim Dority is working on an alternative careers guide for library professionals
Know the Difference: Identifying Obstacles to Employment
Knowledge creation
Knowledge curators are “sifting signal from the noise”
Knowledge management based on social media
Knowledge management in practice
Knowledge management systems


LAC Group – Careers
Landing the ideal library job
Landing Your Ideal Library Job (ALA webinar)
Law libraries on the web
Learn about Social Media for Corporate Libraries
Let the resolution-making begin
Letters to a Young Librarian
Librarian is a data hound, a guide, a Sherpa and a teacher
Librarians doing good and getting credit
Libraries can be areas which can help employees develop better skills which can open doors to better careers
Library experience for new librarians
Library job application question
Library jobs for current library students
Library Journal’s Placements & Salaries Survey 2011
Library Juice Press to “unglue” a book for prospective librarians
Library managers are actually rooting for you to do a great job, wow us
Library or information science-related jobs available for individuals without an MLIS
Library schools and alternative careers
Library Services in the Digital Age (Pew Report)
Library skill set mashups – “Book ‘Em, Dano”
Library work can help workers see what other careers they can opt for
LinkedIn Launches Button That Lets You Apply for Jobs
LinkedIn: reading between the lines
Linkedin profile and recruiters
LinkedIn profile summaries – 3 great examples
LinkedIn recommendations: who reads them? How ask for them?
Linking to members of this group
LIS alternative career: content developer for marketing projects, departments, agencies
LIS career development webinars presented by Canadian Library Assn.
LIS Career Sourcebook review
LIS career webinar topics – what do you need the most
LIS online courses available through Coursera, edX, or Udacity – particularly MOOCs
LIS professionals who work as consultants, especially on a freelance basis
LIS student requesting advice [re archives/special collections reference work]
Loan forgiveness includes librarians
Looking for resources to translate library skills to a broader job search
Looks do matter in job interviews, according to new study


Main libraries are being re-classified
Make yourself more attractive to potential employers
Making the most out of conference attendance
Maximizing your LinkedIn connections: less time, more gains
Medical Informatics Section professional development grant
Mentoring: Working Relationships Across Generation
Michigan Library Brings Interactive Language Lessons to the Public
Minneapolis named seventh-best city for cloud-computing jobs
MIS or MLIS grads
MLIS and video
MLS degree and prep for non-library jobs/careers
MLIS people who went into the paralegal field
MLIS put to use as a usability tester or interaction designer?
More Jobs Open in Tech, Social Media
Most common mistakes job seekers make in an interview (how to answer questions)
Moving from academic to corporate libraries


Nailing the Library Interview
Name/age discrimination
National Digital Public Library is Launched
Negotiate an offer in an academic library or not
Networking cards
Networking mistakes we often make
Networking: probably the easiest job hunt thing to get wrong
Never give up on becoming an entrepreneur
Never peg your future to any ONE method, tool, etc.
New Career Pathways – SJSU webinar
New Librarians Global Connection (IFLA webinar series)
New resource for social-impact careers: Echoing Green – Work on Purpose
9 reasons you didn’t get the job
No magic formula, no crystal ball to finding a job
No matter what happens, librarians will adapt
Non-Traditional Library Jobs Webinar (SLA)
Not just millennials; librarians have caught on as well
Now that I’m relevant, I can’t get a job


Off-site media storage
Okay to ask an interviewer what questions will be asked during the interview?
On mentoring
Online MLIS programs: what specific ideas, activities, teaching approaches, or other recommendations to improve…
Online MLS programs – comments about curriculum
Opinion of the Cisco Networking Academy
Opinions on applying to two job openings at once place
Opportunity for those looking for virtual internships
Opportunity Knocks: State and Local Procurement [conducting business with government]
Other bookish jobs on the publishers lunch job board
Other than subject-specific degrees for reference, are there any second masters that are beneficial to librarians, e.g., MBA
Overcoming fear of networking


Pairing LIS with other fields
Paraprofessional position for the professional librarian
Patrons appear to want to check out some peace and quiet
Percentage salary increases people have received upon completing their MLIS (or other advanced degree)
The Perfect Elevator Pitch
Perils of Working from Home
Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself
Personal branding example
Personal researcher
Personal thank-you note to the members of this group
Pew Internet & American Life Report on library usage among digital natives
Pew study finds women have been significantly more likely to use social networking sites
Pinterest Your Resume
Placements & Salaries 2012: emerging jobs, new titles, types of placements
Planning for the next job
Please support my-self published book project
Podcasts of ALA conference presentations
Pointless to apply for library assistant or paraprofessional positions if you already have your MLIS?
Portfolios and publishing
Potential employers requesting access to applicant’s private Facebook account
Power of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know (power of libraries quote)
Power postures can make you feel more powerful
Practice makes perfect (interviews)
Presenting a Ph.D. and other degrees unrelated to an academic library
Principal challenges of the present and near future for professionals in the library and information field?
Procedure for ALA accreditation for Indian librarian with PhD in Library and Information Science
Procrastination: number one productivity killer in your small business
Professional development: what are you doing now
Programming for adults in public libraries: advice re programming experience or lack thereof
Projects are the new job interviews
Protocol on asking other library departments about job openings
PT or FT options for MLIS students
Public library system advertising two positions – apply for one or both


Questions about references
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking – comments on this book


Raising Awareness on Electronic Records Management (Project)
Reapplying For the Job I Rejected
Recent graduate seeks advice (MLIS and MA in History)
Recent LIS grad, how show I’m enthusiastic about a job without coming on too strong
Recommend a good, up-to-date resume book or resource
Recommendations for best books on creating transformation, sustainable change, both personal and organizational
Recommendations for web host sites
Recommendations on LIS career paths (other than archivist or reference librarian)
Recommendations re functional resume for library services position
Recommended courses for prospect research work
Relationship between content management/content strategy and librarianship
Relevant to discussion about volunteering
Religious requirements for jobs
Report Slams For-Profit Schools for Expensive Tuition, High Drop-Out Rate
Requesting feedback (for candidates not chosen for a position)
Research analyst
Research methodology – methods & techniques
Resources for creating a librarian-specific CV
Responding to a job rejection
Resume advice needed
Resume/cover letter: addressing an employment gap due to caregiving
Resume format for career changer
Resume question – describing part-time, temp, etc. work
Resume question – in the summary/profile section, is standard protocol writing in third or first person?
Resume tips
Resumes After a Certain Age
Resumes or curriculum vitae for non-academic library jobs
Rethinking the humanities Ph.D.
Revenge of the underpaid professors
“Reverse mentor” – what it is, why do you need one
Role of academic libraries in knowledge management in universities
Role of Librarians Shifts with Technology


School Incorporates Technology into Hybrid Library Design
Searching for a job in the library science field
See Your Chance Then Act on It
Seeking career advice for students (for book)
Seeking finalist interview advice: academic library
Setting up a Learning Commons in an academic institution
7 Cool Resumes We Found on Pinterest
7 secrets to making employers find you
7 Things Highly Productive People Do
7 Things You Should Never Do During an Interview
7 Ways to Wake the Dead and Inspire Action
17 Ways to Be Happier at Work
Should applicants include their GPA (resumes)
Should I connect [on LinkedIn] with prospective employers
Showing your expertise in LinkedIn discussions
Sign of the times (underemployed grads)
Signature strengths – anyone named these strengths in an interview
Simple advice to grow your LinkedIn network
Simple rule to eliminate useless meetings
SimplyHired job-hunting strategy (“Just to state the obvious”)
Six networking coups to win jobs
Six Rules for Networking at Work
6 rules to self-discovery
Skills required for an administrative officer position
Skills to take off your resume
Slasher careers
So You Want to be a Librarian (free e-book)
Social history of recruiting technology – infographic
Social media divide among librarians?
Social networks for academics proliferate, despite some scholars’ doubts
Software screening rejects qualified job seekers
Sometimes interviewers don’t care if it’s the truth or not
Stand out in your interview (interview prep)
The Start-Up of You (book recommendation)
Staying in the game (academic library positions)
Stealth librarianship – great ideas for broadening our reach
Stop being creative in your job search
Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself (LinkedIn)
Strategic ways to network your way into a job or career
Student enrollment in MLS programs
Student staff development (online course)
Stupid things to put in your cover letter
Suggestions for alternative fields to look into
Suggestions for freelance work
Suggestions for good online continuing education courses in XML and Javascript
Summary statement in resume
Survey says LinkedIn is no. 1
Survey: Teens Are Slow to Warm Up to E-Books
Sustainability Round Table and new listserv for ALA members


Tag line for a library promotion poster for the DHS library
Talking about value
Tax code can be used to blunt the cost of a job search
Teacher-librarians in Australia seek more support
Teaching (online teaching requirements)
Technical Documentalist – what does someone with this job do?
Technology certifications and courses to supplement education
Telephone calls/letters of inquiry
Telephone interview advice
Temp jobs become a permanent way of life for some
Temporary positions – thoughts and advice
Ten happiest jobs (Forbes)
10 LinkedIn mistakes you shouldn’t make
10 things successful job seekers do to get employed quicker
Ten tips to make the most out of any career conference
Thank you notes
There’s a reason we have so many words (resumes)
Thesaurus at Law
Things are not always as they seem (interviews)
Thinking about writing a book
This is not a Hallmark Holiday (National Update Your Resume Month)
This is Generation Flux…
This library ought to do the trick [Conjuring Arts Research Center]
Thoughts on living successfully in the real world (resiliency)
Threat of a Jobless World
Three C’s to Getting the Right Job – Contacts, Credibility, Competence
3 techniques to fight unemployment stigma
Three things to do now to prepare for the new job market
Timing is everything: best time to send your e-mail message
Tips for interview jitters
Tips for writing great cover letter to grab postdoc in LIS
TMI can derail your job search
Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions
Top 10 Trends in Academic Libraries
Top 10 Job Sites for Librarians & Info Pros
Top three things academic hiring managers look for
Top three ways to use LinkedIn for LIS job-hunting
Training in archiving: worth it?
Transferable skills
Transitioning from public to academic libraries
12 Minutes to Create a Mind-Changing Presentation
12 Most Dangerous Resume Mistakes You Can Make (and Do)
21st Century reads
25 words that can hurt your resume


UC Berkeley’s libraries next chapter may be cuts
Understanding how hiring really happens: HR execs, founders, and recruiters spill secrets
Unusual LIS jobs
Useful ideas for interviewees
Useful article on how to network at conferences
Using a QR code in resume – tacky or savvy
Using webinars to learn new topics


Value of CRM (Certified Records Manager) certification
Virtual field trips – any recommended resources
Virtual internships clearinghouse for online (and possibly on-campus) MLIS students
Virtual opportunities – search engine evaluators
Visual CVs
Volunteer opportunities


Want to Annoy a Hiring Manager and Lose out on the Job
Web librarianship – recommendations for how to prepare to transition from reference/instruction librarian
Webinars to enhance MLIS degree in Federal Libraries
What am I doing wrong and where might I be able to use my library skills
What are employers/interviewers receiving or seeing from potential candidates
What are some other career options for using LIS skills outside the library
What Do Employers Want? A Guide for Library Science Students – new book
What do you call yourself? If your organization does not call you a librarian, what do they call you?
What do you wish you’d learned – or what classes do you wish you’d taken, but didn’t – in grad school?
What does it take to become a librarian if you only have experience as a library assistant?
What else can you do with your LIS skills? Identifying job possibilities
What else would you do if you couldn’t be a librarian
What it really takes to be inspiring
What makes for a great interview impression
What signals are you sending job candidate
What to do or not do when sending job application via e-mail
What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do at Work
What to do when you work for a bully
What to Expect in a First-Round Interview (academic)
What to wear [to LIS interview] – survey results
What type of entry-level work can someone do at Google, etc.?
What You Don’t Get About the Job Search: View From Employers/Job-Seekers
When choosing a job, culture matters
When the job interviewer thinks you’re too old
When to Bring Up Vacations
When to start applying (relative to graduation date)
Where the Jobs Are: Listings and Resources for LIS Professionals (FUMSI)
Where would you put your profile, and where not?
Where your clients are
Which areas within library science are thriving
Which education track to choose
Why are library information and knowledge careers not included in “best careers” lists?
Why Businesses Should Treat Job Applicants Well
Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs
Why great ideas come in pairs
Why is LinkedIn a must-use tool?
Why low self-confidence may be the key to a successful career
Why Temporary Work is Worth It
Why You Didn’t Get Hired at Your Last Job Interview
Wikis – who’s using them, for what purposes, how are they working out?
Will patrons react badly to the “staking” of popular series
Will taking non-LIS jobs at the start of their careers hurt new grads’ chances to land public or academic jobs later
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